alphabroder's Sustainability Initiative

Sustainable practices are as important today as product safety, fair labour & supply chain safety were ten years ago. Our industry invests considerable resources to maintain & verify product & supply chain safety and socially responsible supply chain practices. In 2020 alphabroder | Prime Line allocated additional resources to examine our sustainability protocols and establish a Corporate "Green Team" initiative. The "Green Team" is a dedicated cross-functional team passionate about all things sustainable.

Working with our facilities and our partners we are forging a new path at alphabroder | Prime Line. Our goal is to create a meaningful and measurable Environmental, Social & Governance Corporate platform. We're identifying the good things we are already doing and improving those current processes. We are researching ways to improve our impact and our industry with a mindset of continuous improvement.

New Filters

Education and awareness are key components of our efforts. We want to help you more easily source products to meet your sustainability needs. So, we've created a 3-factor method for validating the products in our assortment with accurate & verifiable global sustainable components, sustainable manufacturing practices and a responsible mindset.

What do they mean?

Sustainable Materials

Products made with one or more form of sustainable, recycled or recyclable fabric or components.

Sustainable Manufacturing

Products made with sustainable practices, such as energy efficient factories, processes or dyes.

Responsible Mindset

Products that have a "giveback" aspect related to its sale, use or production.

New Product Descriptions

Just added enhanced product fabric and features information added to product descriptions.

New Product Descriptions

Just added enhanced product fabric and features information added to product descriptions.

What's Next

Additionally in Q4 2021, we are set to launch a microsite that will clearly communicate alphabroder's current sustainable commitment and goals for the future as well as alphabroder's commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Want to learn more?

To better help you communicate the distinct attributes of each of these products, we added enhanced product fabric and features information on our website.

Our comprehensive Sustainable Glossary contains even more information, tools and research ideas to help you on your path to a more sustainable business model.